Benefits to Landlords

Would you like:

  • Guaranteed rent every single month?
  • No maintenance hassles like broken toilets and leaky taps?
  • No stress with finding new tenants?
  • No stress dealing with bad tenants?
  • No utility bills?

In our experience, most landlords’ dream investment property is one that earns them an income with none of the hassle of having to actually deal with tenants! That is exactly what you get when you work with Seek Property Solutions! We can even improve your property for FREE, so if it’s looking a bit tired, has been ruined by bad tenants, or is just plain run down, we can help!

What could you do with the extra income and time provided by a hassle free investment property..?

Benefits to Agents

We are always keen to work with good local letting agents who are interested in long-term, win-win property solutions.

If you have any suitable properties, just look at the benefits to you!

  • You still get the tenant find fee from the landlord (as agreed with the landlord)
  • You continue to receive the monthly management fee (as agreed with the landlord)
  • We would take care of finding suitable tenants, collecting the rent and maintaining the property
  • All you need to do is pass on the agreed rent to the landlord!

So, what is a suitable property? Any existing licensed HMOs or properties with a minimum of 3 bedrooms and 1-2 reception rooms. We can use properties in any condition, even the really grubby ones! What are you waiting for?! Contact us today !

How it works

It’s very simple! Instead of signing an agreement with a tenant, you sign one with us!

  • You tell us the monthly rental amount you would be happy to receive
  • We provide an agreement (drawn up by a solicitor) which sets out the terms
  • We manage the property and fill it with thoroughly checked, professional tenants, dealing with any maintenance and paying the bills
  • You take it easy and watch the rent come in each month
  • We return the house in great condition at the end of the agreed period

About us

We are an experienced, family-run business, whose aim is to make life better for landlords, while providing high quality accommodation for professional tenants.

We have personally experienced the highs and lows of dealing with rental properties and have seen everything from the super clean to the truly disgusting; we’ve had good letting agents and agents who weren’t even sure if anyone was living in the property! We believe that being a landlord shouldn’t be full of stress and worry, and that is where we can help.

As well as our many years of landlord experience, we also strive to be fully up to date with the ever-changing property laws to ensure we are offering the best possible service to our landlords and tenants. We are registered with the Property Redress Scheme, the Responsible Landlords Scheme and the Residential Landlords Association.


Will I make as much money?

Yes! You tell us how much you want to receive! Plus, because you won’t have any void periods, and we are responsible for the bills and maintenance, you may even make more!

What are Seek Property Solutions responsible for?

We are responsible for paying you the agreed rental amount each and every month for the agreed term. We find and reference check the tenants and ensure all the utility and council tax bills are paid. We also pay for any internal maintenance that is required. Furthermore, we pay for a cleaner and gardener (where applicable) to take care of any communal areas. We act as the landlord and deal with any of the hassles that come with it so you don’t have to!

What am I responsible for?

As the landlord you are responsible for ensuring the exterior and structure of the property is sound (eg roof tiles etc). You should also ensure you have the appropriate landlord insurance and that the required safety certificates are in place (gas and electrical safety etc). You are also responsible for your own mortgage (if applicable)

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